The steamy tropical saga adapted by John Colton and Clemence Randol, and directed by Ted Mornel, from
W. Somerset Maugham’s famous novella Miss Thompson.

The plot is simple; Sadie Thompson (Lissa Moira), a prostitute from Hawaii, arrives in Pago Pago on a ship also carrying a missionary and his wife, a doctor and his wife. Davidson, the missionary, is a passionate man who sets himself the task of converting Sadie Thompson, the whore, and he reduces the rather brassy, forthright woman into a weak sniveling wreck. But the question arises as to whether he is interested in triumphing over her as a cleric over a sinner or a man over a woman. The answer comes in the play’s climax, where the eternal feminine triumphs.

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Park Slope resident actress Lissa Moira as Sadie Thompson in RAIN