What the Critics Say About RAIN


Lissa Moira plays Miss Sadie Thompson with fire and guts. At first her portrayal seemed a bit stilted, however she was the character saddled with the lion's share of the vernacular slang. Once the plot began moving along, she eased up and showed a remarkable breadth of character ranging from elation to introspection, from towering rage to wheedling persuasion. In an unusual directorial choice, Moira as Miss Thompson never leaves the stage, but remains in the alcove of her room dancing and changing clothes during both intermissions. Though quite an impressive feat for Ms. Moira, I'm still not sure of the reason for this choice…the scenes between Ms. Moira and Mr. Levine crackle with dramatic intensity.

—John Patrick Schutz

Whitney Radio

The cast is without flaw, but the starring role of Sadie Thompson, as performed by Lissa Moira, alone is reason enough to see the show. Moira not only effortlessly radiates the kind of magnetic charisma to make the character’s vivaciously decadent aura believable, but she wonderfully communicates the agonizing emotional body-blows she endures without a trace of forced, maudlin melodrama. In this sense Moira is actually rather better in the role than Joan Crawford was in the 1930’s film version…

—John Michael Koroly

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