Height:  5’4-3/4”
Hair:       Blonde     SAG, AEA
Eyes:      Green
Weight: 130 lbs.
(aka Ilissa Cohen)
769 Union Street
Apt. 3L
Brooklyn, NY  11215
(718) 622-0309
Rain Sadie Thompson Impact Theater Manhattan
Time It Is Alizia Theater for the New City
Dante’s Inferno La Madonna, Maegra (A Fury)
Venedico Caccicinemica
Minion to Minos, a Narrator
Buoso Da Duera, Harpy
Potphar’s Wife
Synchronicity Space
In Search of Woman of the Left Bank Djuna Barnes Irish Repertory Theatre
The Best Sex of the XX Century Sale 12 roles: Southern Belle, French Auctioneer, English Auctioneer, German/Jewish Auctioneer, etc. Duplex, Triad, Danny’s Skylight Room, Theater for the New City
The Devil’s Home Movies
    (Small Town Girls
    with Big Problems)
Ruth Marie Trout
   (OOBR Award Winner 2000-2001)
Common Basis Theater
The Web Rose Lower East Side Festival
     opposite Dan Lauria
Slap Jill Trocadero
She Stoops to Conquer Mrs. Hardcastle Don’t Tell Mama & Trocadero
NecKromancy Lady Morpheous Theater for the New City
Macbeth All Three Witches Theater for the New City
Sexual Psychobabble:
   Poetic Injustice
   Low Accommodations

New Age Telepathic Channeling Escort

Theater for the New City
Theater for the New City
The Last Rose of Sometime Bethany Theatre Studio, NYC
I’m Alone, Honest Sunny The Kraine Theatre, NYC
Miracle Worker Helen FCST (Frisco Company
           Street Theatre)
Glass Menagerie Laura FCST
The Rimers of Eldrich Eva BAM (the main opera house)
Oedipus (with James Earl Jones) Ismene & Townsperson Maximus Productions, NYC
The Bacchae (with Jacqueline Brookes) Minaed (Lead Dancer) Maximus Productions, NYC
Hamlet The Player Queen Studio Tangerine at
   the Gene Frankel, NYC
Percy Johnston’s Antigone Ismene–Inheritor of Thebes (The Lead) Studio Tangerine at
   the Gene Frankel, NYC
Savage in Limbo Denise Falcon Theatre Company at
   Theatre 22, NYC
I Used to Be a Dancer… Myself (through the miasma of memory) Lower East Side Festival,
HOWL Festival
Film & Video
Dead Canaries Prostitute (Principal) Ras Films
Growing Down in Brooklyn Betty (Principal) Ave H Production
The Signs of the Cross Mary (Principal)  
Moving In, Moving Out Tina Feature by Manamaker Films
Lead Us Not Into Penn Station Ginger La Boom, The Young June May,
    Lili Valducci
Video Play for Time Warner QPTV
Gothic Sad Lady (one woman film) Tribeca Student Short
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