BABBLE, Psycho-style

by June Bertini

If you’re not looking to save the world, reduce the national debt or are just plain sick of Newt Gingrich, Sexual Psychobabble may have a viable alternative to network television.

This intriguing title compiles a collection of four comic sketches—Poetic Injustice, Sexlax, A Space For Seduction and Low Accomodations—written and directed by Lissa Moira (co-written by Richard West). Also, a one act, You Are Who You Eat, written by Ultra Violet and directed by Lissa Moira. It is currently playing at the Theater for the New City (212-254-1109).

Performances took on an exotic, erotic (even slightly psychotic) look at human sexuality and relationships.

Psychobabble lives up to its name by not trying to get too philosophical, deep or otherwise pretentious. In short, Psychobabble is just for kicks—nothing more, nothing less. So don’t expect to reach a state of Nirvana upon leaving the theater, although you will leave smiling—if a bit listless, due to the 2 hour 40 min+ run time.

The sketches form a prelude to the drool-inspiring You Are Who You Eat, and all four, feeding on shock value and one-liners, should pull a chuckle. Sexlax and Low Acoomodations, however, seemed to send more of a thrill to the crowd thanks to their heightened level of shock value, comic timing and stage chemistry.

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