What the Critics Say About Sexual Psychobabble
Off-Off Broadway Review

Moira’s trenchant writing is matched by a fresh, cliche-free directorial style. She tends to frame the action in almost comic-book panels but keeps it from losing its human dimension with energetic ensemble work from the cast.

Sexual Psychobabble made for a goodly amount of intelligent fun and is well worth your time.

—John Michael Koroly


You Are Who You Eat, written by Ultra Violet—a veteran of Andy Warhol’s Factory scene—and directed by Lissa Moira, takes us behind the scenes of the writing of the great American movie. Ultra Violet does a fine job defining four incongruous characters, placing them in ordinary situations and exposing their extraordinary personalities.

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Sexual Psychobabble Trocadero Cabaret Theatre. Saturdays 8PM through Sept. 30. Sexual satire written by Lissa Moira and Richard West. A whirlwind of manic, lust-driven banter, the kind that has ruined many one-night stands. Directed by Lissa Moira.
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