Poster: Election Special "Art Blasts Off!"

Election Special “Art Blasts Off!”

at The Living Theatre
21 Clinton Street

Tuesday, October 7, 8-11 PM
Potent Political Comedy, Poetry,
Music and Performance

To paraphrase Dylan: Are we headin’ to Armageddon or Lincoln Road? Perhaps we’re standing at the crossroads; to the Right is Armageddon to the Left Lincoln Road. Even if you think we’re veering right into Armageddon—hey at least we can have a few laughs along the way!

To that end join hosts playwrights Richard West (Beauty and the Beat) and Lissa Moira (Before God Was Invented) for their Election Special “Art Blasts Off!” An evening of Potent Political Comedy, Poetry, Music and Performance.

Special guests include: Stan Baker (The Human TV), Louisa Bradshaw magnetic actress and songstress

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