What the Critics Say About Who Murdered Love?
Lively Arts

Lissa Moira and Richard West's surreal creation, Who Murdered Love, is a strange, Chandleresque film noir musical filled with jokes, puns, and dreams and music and stylized action. A little Fellini, a little Midsummer Night’s Dream, a DaDa extravaganza with elves, sprites, a detective (Nathan Whitmer), his beautiful sexy client (Jennifer Guest) and a secretary who loves him (Anne Elyse Chambers). The strange costumes and masks, and a touch of Kurt Weil in one song (music by co-writer Richard West), the story brings us a segue (and a battle) from Dada to Surrealism in art, in dance (innovative choreography by Mariana Bekerman), songs and action. It’s all very strange fun with a good cast, including Olivia Gilliatt and Nicky Romaniello as young lovers. Moira who wrote the book (with West) did the lyrics, and directed, is very odd, but quite entertaining in her far outness. It's a “Midwinter’s Day Dream.” Moira is a talented creator of the off-beat, with her own vision, and she creates a strange world that will take you on a trip—a fun one.

—Richmond Shepard
    Performing Arts INSIDER
    and lively-arts.com

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