Only Love Will Do

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Only Love Will Do Does Beautifully

“It's a great joy, when reviewing an Off-Off-Broadway play, to discover both a great new playwright and a brilliant ensemble of actors. Only Love Will Do offers all that and more…Director Lissa Moira has worked single-handed wonders with this piece, and the action never disappoints as it unfolds before us.”

—Andrew Martin

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“In the gifted and visionary hands of director Lissa Moira Only Love Will Do is a mindboggling flight of fancy into an examination of sexuality, morals
and fantasy.”

“…a very talented and thoroughly convincing ensemble cast.”

“Great fun with meaning and purpose Only Love Will Do should not be missed!”

“…nuances of Neil Simon, Edward Albee, David Mamet, Noel Coward and Charles Busch yet playwright Walt Stepp has his ownn distinctive voice.”

—Bill Bradford, for Hi Drama!

Bloomberg Radio

“Walt Stepp's Only Love Will Do makes for a riveting theatrical experience. Lissa Moira's direction is beyond brilliant. Jason Collins and Louisa Bradshaw are sensational.”

—Joe Franklin
Bloomberg Radio