Before God Was Invented

Crystal Field Presents

Opens March 17th!

Before God Was Invented
A dramatic musical
(The beginning is new)

Written and Directed by Lissa Moira
Music Composed by Richard West
Lyrics by Lissa Moira

A Prehistoric Pagan Parable
The origins of fanatical patriarchal religions, war,
greed, intolerance and the divine right of kings.

Musical Director: Chris Wade
Choreographers: Don Garverick, Erica Hochstedler
Additional Music by: Louisa Bradshaw
Drum Music by: Michael Eisenstein

Fight Choreographer: Jiggers Turner
Set, Costume and Production Design: David “Zen” Manskey
Lighting and Sound Design: William Giraldo
Animals, Masks and Special Prop Design: Lytza Colon