Off-Off Broadway Review

If you like your surreal with a fringe on top, then Pure Thoughts and Dirty Loving is the show for you. As avant-garde as anything seen in New York City these days, the bill of three one-acts swirls together Kafka, punk rock, Dada, Duchamp, and Bogart to create a thoroughly trippy performance piece.

First up was Metamorphosex, a reverse (and often perverse) retelling of Franz Kafka’s masterpiece about a man who turns into a cockroach. In this version (or perversion), playwright-director Lissa Moira humorously imagines that the central character remains the same and that all the roaches invading his Alphabet City pad become human. Not only that, but the magical transformation is the result of punk rock (an original song appropriately entitled “Change Motherfuckers”). Moira makes a few statements about the destructive nature of man, nicely summed up when one of the insecti-guys screams, “He's got a shoe!”

Rob Eigenbrod was the personification of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll as the method man who encounters the overgrown creatures, played with wriggly relish by Eric Jones, Joshua Koehn, Faust Checho, Lisa Joy Rafferty, and Adrienne Wheeler.

Who Murdered Love? was the centerpiece of the evening, a hard-boiled mystery set in the age of Dadaism, co-written by Moira and West. When a femme fatale named Honey Potts (Krie Allen) recruits a tough-talking, flatfoot named Samp Speed (Koehn) to find out what killed her precious “Dada,” they take a hazy, high-minded, and oftentimes hillarious journey into dreamland via a dose of the exotic drug absinthe. There they interact with a host of eccentric characters, played with energetic wit…

—Elias Stimac