What the Critics Say About Pure Thoughts and Dirty Loving

Off-Off Broadway Review

If you like your surreal with a fringe on top, then Pure Thoughts and Dirty Loving is the show for you. As avant-garde as anything seen in New York City these days, the bill of three one-acts swirls together Kafka, punk rock, Dada, Duchamp, and Bogart to create a thoroughly trippy performance piece.

—Elias Stimac

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Whitney Radio

“Who Murdered Love” by Lissa Moira and Richard West—Directed by Lissa Moira. A deliciously subversive swipe at artistic totalitarianism. An intelligently quirky hybrid (call it absurd-noir).

As astute in its dissection of the limiting strictures of the cult of dada and surrealism as it is entertaining on its own merits. A beautifully expressionistic and appropriate use of nudity.

“Metamorphosex” written and directed by Lissa Moira. I belly-laughed my way through it—I suspect Kafka would have too.

—John Michael Karoly

High Drama

Who Murdered Love? Beautiful. The essential Questions of what is so real/surreal is answered. LiLissa Lissa Moira leads a brilliant cast.

—Bill Bradford

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