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Playwright, Screenwriter, Director,
Actor, Collage Artist, Poet

As a writer Lissa is a two time Jerome Foundation grantee and a finalist in the International Chesterfield/Paramount screenwriting competition 2001.

With writing partner Richard West, Lissa is responsible for the two long-running NYC hits “Sexual Psychobabble” and the satirical musical review “The Best Sex of the XX Century Sale” which she directed and performed in as well. On her own Lissa recently penned the critically acclaimed dramedy “Time It Is” and co-wrote the recently completed Robert Santoli film “Dead Canaries” starring Charles Durning, Dan Lauria and Dee Wallace Stone which made its recent New York theatrical debut at the Pioneer Theater.

As an actress Lissa was awarded an OOBR for her performance as Ruth Trout in Larry Myers’ “Small Town Girls With Big Problems.” Lissa took much joy in her recent much-lauded portrayal of Sadie Thompson in Rain (directed by Ted Mornel).

As a director the production of “Cocain Dreams” at the Kraine Theater brought her kudos and the feeling of a vision near-to-realized.

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